Solar electric

Solar electric power is useful to anyone, anywhere. Whatever investment you make in solar electric power,  you’ll pay yourself back each time you use it.  

Solar is one of the best choices you can make for keeping yourself and others safe in the event of an emergency.  It's also clean and requires no fuel.  It is the only energy source that pays for itself.

We offer products that are plug and play ready and kits and instructions for the do-it-yourself crowd.  Both are affordable and pay for themselves each time you use your solar generator.  It doesn't have to be an emergency to use free electric power.  Don't wait, click the box below and get started.

emergency power

No doubt about it.  One of the most important things to have in an emergency is electricity.  We take it for granted that when we flip the switch power will be there.  Emergency situations like hurricanes, floods, natural disaster and civil unrest all pose a real threat to this important resource.

If you want to insure your safety and those who you love you've got to be prepared.  The time to put systems in place is before the emergency, not in the middle of it.  You won't find generators or fuel if you're in the middle of a hurricane or other issue.

Solar electric power for emergencies is affordable and effective.  Click the button below to find products to fill this critical need.

If you're the type of individual that likes to do it yourself we offer all the parts and pieces you'll need to build your own solar power system.

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