The technology is inside and the simplicity shows on the outside. The SolNbox™ Personal Solar Emergency Generator is much more than a solar panel. It's packed with technology to store, charge and distribute electricity safely, efficiently and effortlessly. It's Plug and Play!

How long will it power my __________?

We are always conducting tests with common devices found around most peoples homes or businesses. Each SolNbox™ unit is constructed from a variety of circuits, batteries and wiring. All do different functions yet all share one basic thing in common. The unit's all have high technology, high energy density batteries that are rated at EITHER 10 or 20 amp hours. What this means is that a 1 amp draw of electricity would be sustained for a 10 or 20 hour period. The batteries are wired in series and provide a combined current of 12.8 volts which is stepped up or down depending on which plug (110 volt household or 5 volt USB) you plug into. The question then becomes how many amps does your device draw? Most devices are rated in watts, such as a 40 watt light bulb. That 40 watts can be arrived at in a variety of ways. Now follow me, all these examples are using the exact same amount of electricity:

OK, so we have established this is a math question. Everything draws different amounts of volts, uses different amounts of watts, etc. So figure out how much wattage your device uses and how much power in volts your device draws. Then, do the math to figure out the amps, keeping in mind you'll be able to sustain 1 amp for 10 or 20 hours at 12.8 volts. Clear as mud, right?

Just figure it's for lamps, computers, cell phones, and other lighter duty devices. If it's a lifesaving or critical application you need power for, TEST IT BEFORE YOU NEED IT.

You're not going to run your washer, refrigerator or other high power draw devices with these units.

Newer CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) or LED (light emitting diode) bulbs draw significantly less power than traditional incandescent bulbs and produce the same amount of light. They will be powered much longer than the traditional light bulb.

Honesty is the best policy. There is no general answer to a specific question without knowing all the information and doing the math.

How long does it take to charge the unit?

Well, again no easy answer. The sun shines in different intensities in different places and the batteries may be somewhat charged, fully charged or partially charged. So, again with the facts. The panels can produce UP TO whatever the rated volts are for the unit you decide to purchase at about 1/2 of an amp. Save the gray hair you'll no doubt get figuring this math question out! Put it outdoors on a sunny day and leave it there all day. Plug it in. It's going to work.


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